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Photinia Devil's Dream® - Fiery red hedge dream

The Photinia Devil's Dream® is the ideal hedge plant


Are you looking for an ideal, fast-growing hedge plant that brings color to your garden? Then choose the Photinia Devil's Dream® - the Red Tip Photinia Devil's Dream® is a real eye-catcher that adds accents with its color play in the garden, on the terrace, and on the balcony.

The Photinia is a hedge and ornamental plant that impresses with its varied color display. In fiery red, the Photinia becomes a worthy spectacle in any garden. The red leaves last longer than conventional Photinias and remain vibrant until late summer. In late autumn, the new shoots change to a lush green and stay green throughout the winter.

The Photinia Devil's Dream® feels most comfortable as shade provider in full sun, but also retains its color in partial shade. In spring, it usually experiences a growth of 20 to 30 cm and quickly fills in the hedge. Devil's Dream® grows denser and more compact than previous Photinia varieties, making it an ideal hedge plant with optimal characteristics and providing quick privacy.

This evergreen shrub is mainly planted as a hedge, but also makes a beautiful solitary plant and container planting. The Red Tip Photinia is winter hardy, easy to maintain, and tolerant of pruning. As a result, the Devil's Dream® also captivates as a particularly colorful red potted plant on the terrace or balcony.

Photinia Devil's Dream® -
Ideal as a hedge or in a container

Devils Dream Packshot
grows up to 50 cm per year
tolerant to pruning
brilliant red in the summer
striking label
green in winter
suitable for container planting

Photinia Devil's Dream®

Devil's Dream Hedge Trimming

Pruning glossy medlar - pruning techniques for all conditions

Devil's Dream High Trunk

Firebush standard as a fiery star in the garden, on the terrace, and the balcony

Devils Dream hedge

Fast-growing, evergreen hedge with Devil's Dream®

The Photinia Devil's Dream - a Fire-red-tipped Photina!
A highlight for your garden!

Devils Dream Blätter

Planting a hedge: How does it work?

Devil's Dream® makes it easy for you in 10 steps

Devils Dream Hecke anlegen Pflanzschnur

To ensure that your hedge later becomes nicely accurate, start by stretching out a planting line ...

Devils Dream Pflanzen positionieren

Pot up the plants and position them at an equal distance from each other...

Devils Dream pflanzgraben

Then grab your shovel and dig the planting trench...

Devils Dream wurzeln lockern

Gently loosen the roots with your hands...

"Planting a hedge" is not so difficult when you have the right instructions.
In our guide article, we explain how it works.

The Devils Dream®
glossy loquat (Photinia)

As a hedge, this special Photinia is a striking privacy screen. It adds interest to a garden as a space divider and creates a cozy atmosphere on the terrace or seating areas. As a solitary plant in a flower bed or in a pot, it also becomes a colorful eye-catcher.

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